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Employment Assistance

Broadview University provides employment assistance for students and graduates, a benefit available at any of our campus locations as well as online. Our staff members will help throughout every step of the job search process, from preparing and uploading a resume, to networking with local employers, to finding relevant job leads.

Access our job postings database to find employment opportunities posted by local employers

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As a student or graduation, you will have access to a number of resources to aid you in the job search:

  • Job boards and website – search job openings in your area
  • Career Services department board – keep track of events, workshops, and job fairs
  • Reference materials – find samples of resumes, cover letters, and more

Throughout your educational experience at Globe University, career services will offer workshops and one-on-one help with any of the following:

  • Writing your resume – get help developing a marketable resume or get feedback on your current resume
  • Writing cover letters and thank you notes – presenting an effective cover letter and thank you note can give you an edge over other candidates and show employers you want the job
  • Practicing mock interviews – staff members will practice interview questions with you and give you pointers on effective interviewing techniques

Networking with Employers

A great way for students to explore employment opportunities is through professional networking. We help students and graduates connect with employers and other professional contacts by organizing on-campus job fairs, notification about off-campus job fairs and recommending professional networking organizations.


Contact your home campus career services department for further information and to answer any other questions you may have. And do not forget - we offer lifetime career assistance to our graduates!